CAS Version 4.0

2008-10-23 18:06:17 by PrinceTrunks

Well, I wasn't able to quit my job just yet since they gave me free health care on a part time schedule, but my days in the job world are coming to a close soon.

Anyways, I've been working on the 4th version of my anime web site which will include an interactive gallery featuring anime pics, anime figure pictures, fan art for fans to submit, japanese idols and more. Other features will be an iphone/mobile section, a better amv section, more features for my blog and of course a better, bigger anime store.

This all should seal the deal and get me in the anime business full time and finally, finally not have a boss over me. With the free time, I'll have the chance to make original Flash animations, finally make a sequel to the Sephiroth vs Mogs animation and even make my flash video game currently called "Project Fumi" This after the 6 some odd years of no new stuff from me since life likes to kick me in the teeth on a daily basis and there is much more to do in life than be stuck at a job all day working for someone else. Anime voice acting is also on the table and I've even got myself working a bit with BusinessWeek so life's been busy but I can never forget that my semi-web stardom was because of Newgrounds and I'm looong overdue for some cool new stuff here.


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2008-10-23 19:58:53

good stuff and good luck! Voted for your free wedding, here's hoping!

(Updated ) PrinceTrunks responds:

Cool deal. Thankyou so much ^_^ We are up against 105 couples so the chances are slim but like my blog post states, being able to have our wedding for free will definitely allow us to focus on the anime website a lot more.


2008-10-23 21:17:47

please tell me your not making another hentai site....

PrinceTrunks responds:

I never made one to begin with. I will have japanese idol pics and anime pictures that are sexy but not hentai.


2009-03-18 13:52:13

hey it me the 1 who asked about trunks Bing in Future Girls Question what anime shows dud u use to make that video.