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After 9+ years, I'm actually back this time

Posted by PrinceTrunks - January 24th, 2013

It's been 9+ years but I'm finally back on Newgrounds. Unlike my last post from 2008, this time it's real...I'm back making Flash animations. After I made that Sephiroth vs Mogs parody and those (once part of the old Collections now sadly removed from NG entirely ) AMVs in 2003.... I "left." This was due to life's many challenges and my career paths over the years that just,well...sucked. The cards are back in my favor again and I gave myself a refresher course in Flash. Thus, I'm trying to fill in the long gap between late 2003/early 2004 and now.

Over the past week I've made three short animations based on my fiancee's sketches and ideas... two of which are now here on NG. I'm waiting for my drawing tablet to arrive so I can make much better and longer animations with my own writing and direction; plus more that my fiancee wants me to make with her.

Some ideas on the table are my own Game Grumps Animated clips, a long overdue next episode to Sephiroth vs Mogs, my own series based on my old employment at Friendly's Ice Cream and other ideas that pop up in my head. I can say that my return to Newgrounds was thanks to artists like Egoraptor, RedMinus and Oney. They inspired a NG old fart like me to get my ass in gear.

(2014 update:  I'm still here ^^;; been working on my site and game but I do want to put up a better flash animation in due time)

Comments (7)

Nice to see you back bro

Thanks :-) I feel bad that I've been away this long but..better late than never.

YAY!! It's awesome to see you back on here! I can't wait to see you back to animating again!

Thank you ^_^

Good. I remember you. We... will be watching.

...and I will make some things hopefully worth watching :P

welcome back young flasher. We expect great things from you. We will be watching.

welcome back to the land of the livin'

Welcome back PT. I didn't know they removed your old AMVs, all I know is I couldn't find the them one day. And once you learn something, you never forget. The Flash will always be with you.

Thanks. Yeah, last year I suddenly gt an email that they were removed. I guess being a part of the Collections for 8+ years with 100s of thousands of views didn't matter for the odd out of the blue removal :-/

Great, Welcome back man! Hopefully you've enjoyed this website so far!